Steenbergs Organic Smoked Paprika (dried)

Steenbergs Organic Smoked Paprika (dried)

Steenbergs Organic Smoked Paprika comes from the same family growers in Spain that provide us with Steenbergs organic paprika.  Steenbergs organic smoked paprika adds a smokey-sweet and mildly hot flavour to any savoury dish.  Smoked paprika is made by drying the freshly harvested red pepper fruits in low-lying, adobe smoke houses and gently heated via smoking grills and slow-burning oak wood.  It is a tricky process as too much heat will result in the paprika cooking in its own juices rather than drying through.  Milling then takes up to eight hours and friction from the slow grinding process creates some of the vivid deep-red colour and smooth, silky texture. 


Smoked paprika is popular in cooking for its colour and flavour, giving a luscious redness to sauces and all the peppery flavours of chilli pepper but with little or none of the burning heat. The smokiness adds a wood-smoke flavour that works really well in some dishes, but can become rather bitter; if you feel you have been overgenerous with the smoked paprika, add some acid flavours via dry sherry, lemon juice or balsamic vinegar, or soured cream also is great, hence why many smoked paprika recipes also include soured cream for the sauces.  Smoked paprika works well in Romesco sauce and also with chicken, beef and veal, pork and most vegetables


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