Steenbergs Organic Coriander Leaf (dried)

Steenbergs Organic Coriander Leaf (dried)

Steenbergs Organic Coriander Leaves is the same as Organic Cilantro - it's just one of those occassions where the British are divided from the Americans by our language!  Organic coriander herb is popular over most of Asia. Organic coriander herb is used in India regionally  - eg in Maharashtra - and is indispensable in Thailand - for green curry paste both the root and the leaves are needed -, Vietnam and parts of China, where the chopped organic coriander leaves appear as decorations on nearly every dish (sometimes combined with or substituted by peppermint or Vietnamese coriander).


Coriander, Coriandrum sativum, is an annual herb that grows to about 80cm high (32 inches). Coriander plants have dark-green, fan-shaped leaves that are a bit like the flat Italian parsley, hence its other common names of Chinese parsley or Japanese parsley. The stems of the coriander plants are slender and branched, and the leaves at the base are rounded and as you go up the plant they become more serrated. The flowers of the coriander plant are white or pinky-mauve in colour, small and umbrella shaped. After flowering, the coriander plant produces the seeds that become the spice. Coriander leaves - often called cilantro - have a fresh, herby and all-pervading lemony taste that is very distinctive and cleansing. Many people (perhaps 20%) do not like the strong almost fetid flavour of cilantro/coriander leaves.


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