About Our Meat

Luing Beef

Our Luing is lovingly bred by Eleanor & Ewan Davies on their farm in Snowdonia. Luing is a hardy native breed of Shorthorn cross Highland cow, originating from the Isle of Luing, Scotland, thus, ideally suited for our Welsh mountains. 

These home bred animals graze the mountain heather and grass, resulting in delicious, sweet tasting meat with natural marbling – perfect for steaks and roasts. 

Welsh Black Beef

Welsh beef is renowned internationally, so the European Commission awarded it Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 2003, in recognition of its unique character and heritage. As Wales' only native breed of cattle, the story of the Welsh Black is steeped in history. The beef obtained from Welsh black cattle is of high quality and is distinguished by excellent muscle mass and very low fat content.

Welsh Lamb

Welsh lamb is world renowned and for good reason. Welsh Lamb is bred by generations of families on the abundant grasslands of Wales and it is the finest lamb available today as it is known for its sweet and melting texture. This premium quality meat offers the best flavour and tenderness, which is why it is so popular not only in Wales but abroad as well.

Welsh farmers believe in using the best of everything; from the finest Welsh grass, the lambs taken care of by the sharpest sheepdogs and of course wonderful husbandry.

So it is no wonder that Welsh lamb has been awarded PGI status, Protected Geographic Indication, which is the highly sought-after marque which guarantees that you are buying lambs born, reared and fattened in Wales. 

Packington Chickens

All Packington Free Range chickens roam free on established English pasture, consisting of various grasses and clovers, with strategically placed perches and shelters offering shade, food and water. It's an idyllic setting and one which every Packington Free Range bird experiences in its lifetime. Full of flavour, the way chicken used to taste, Packington Free Range chickens make the perfect Sunday roast. 

Oinc Oink Porc

Oinc Oink was founded by Elemair and Huw Roberts in 2007. Based on the beautiful Llyn Peninsula, their herd of Pedigree Welsh Pigs lead an enjoyable life free to roam, root and rummage in their natural environment. Welsh Pigs provide very good meat! Very tender yet very lean pork with an average fat layer of 8mm ensures our crackling is mouthwateringly light, crisp & crunchy and not dripping in fat yet full of savoury flavour.

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